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National Lorry Week….’Love a Lorry’

Between 26-31 October, National Lorry Week will see events taking place which the RHA hopes will ensure that the industry and its drivers get the recognition for the essential service they provide.

National Lorry Week events include the RHA hosting a stand at the Conservative Party Conference, so they can hear first-hand about the vital role the industry plays in the British economy, but can also test their potential skills as professional driver on a HGV simulator.

Other National Lorry Week events include the promise of “high profile media figures” spending a shift working as a driver and a TV documentary starring British Touring Car Championship driver Tom Ingram training to drive an HGV.

Hauliers will also be asked to display a ‘Love a Lorry’ sticker on their vehicles. A ‘spot the sticker’ competition, with a top prize of £1,000, will coincide with the promotion.

RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said that 85% of everything eaten, worn and bought and used is moved, at some point, on the back of a UK-registered lorry.

“Without us, supermarket shelves would be empty, homes would not be built and manufacturing plants would grind to a halt. This industry employs more than 2.2 million people and, contributes £74.5bn to the UK economy,” he said.

“We have a huge impact on the lives of everyone in Britain but sometimes that positive contribution is overlooked.

“National Lorry Week will provide us with an opportunity to reach out to the public and politicians as never before to highlight our massive and positive contribution to daily life.”

Hauliers across the UK will also be asked to open their doors and invite the public to:

  • Get up close and personal with a lorry;
  • Meet operators and drivers to hear about the important role the road freight industry plays;
  • Find out how the industry keeps them supplied with all the things their lives depend upon;
  • Hear about careers in driving and other industry-related jobs;
  • Listen to what the industry is doing to reduce its impact on the environment.

Burnett said: “The British public should be proud of its road haulage industry. It is an industry that works hard, is efficient and innovative. This industry is currently suffering from a massive driver shortage. What better way to highlight the industry as a great career opportunity?”

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