Driver CPC Consortium FAQs

With our Driver CPC Consortium FAQs page, you should find all the answers to your questions.

What is a driver CPC consortium?

A driver CPC consortium is an easy alternative way for a training provider to deliver driver CPC training. We provide the opportunity for those who would like to deliver Driver CPC training but would prefer not to set up a training centre in their own right. By becoming a member of our consortium you can teach Periodic Driver CPC training with all the benefits of being a fully registered training centre with JAUPT, just operating under the umbrella of TMconsultant.

Why join the TMconsultant Driver CPC Consortium?

By joining our consortium, it provides us with the opportunity to expand our business through partnerships with like-minded individuals who share our aims and passions. We're passionate about what we do and therefore offer exemplary support all the way from your application through to discussing new business, marketing and course ideas. We supply all the requisite tools you need to get going straight away and our presentations are simple and easy to use.

Who is the Driver CPC Consortium for?

  • Transport managers
  • Freelance trainers
  • Professional Drivers
  • Training Providers
  • Driving Instructors

What qualifications do I need?

You will need to demonstrate you have the necessary qualifications/experience to teach and for the subject knowledge for the courses you wish to deliver. So, if you are a Transport Manager you will need to provide your TM CPC certificate and any relevant teaching qualifications/experience you have. It may be you have the subject knowledge experience but may not have the teaching qualification. If that's the case then you can sit a 'train the trainer course' which if passed will be adequate for Driver CPC delivery. If you are unsure, just ask.

How does the application process work?

  • Complete the easy online application form
  • We will call you to discuss your application
  • Send certification
  • Send Insurance certification
  • Complete registration payment
  • Once accepted as a consortium member, you can deliver driver CPC training immediately!

What are the benefits?

  • Run your own business delivering Periodic Driver CPC Training
  • Total flexibility of when and how to deliver training
  • Simple administration with full support
  • Build your own courses - facility to design and register bespoke courses
  • Minimal setup costs
  • High earning potential for businesses - set your own pricing structure to stay competitive in the market
  • Training costs savings for in-house trainers
  • Full support and advice

What do you get?

How much can I earn with the TMconsultant Driver CPC Consortium?

  • Up to £1045.00 per course - based on RRP £69.00 per course x 20 delegates

How much does it cost?

Upload fee per driver per upload

  • £7.20 - Admin Fee + VAT
  • £8.75 - DVSA upload fee (VAT exempt)

Annual registration fee

  • £275 + VAT

Please note a deposit of £725.00 is required at the time of application, which will be refunded after your first course is delivered. The deposit will not be refunded until you deliver a driver CPC course under the TMconsultant (training) consortium.

How long does that application take?

That will depend on how diligent you are with your application. If we have all the information we need then we aim to get applications through in seven days.

How do I get more information?

We hope you found out Driver CPC Consortium FAQs page useful. However, if you have any questions, or you would just like to discuss your options, please don’t hesitate to ask. Call 01273457748 or alternatively click here. We’re here to share the knowledge!

The application process couldn't be easier! Just complete the online application form. Once your application has been processed, we'll get straight back to you to arrange a telephone interview.

Start your opportunity today and join the TMconsultant Driver CPC Consortium!