Book your FORS Bronze on-site audits

Book your FORS Bronze on-site audits

It is now possible to book your FORS Bronze on-site audits! Members whose accreditation has expired, or is expiring, are encouraged to book and undertake their Bronze on-site audits as soon as possible providing they are able to follow the FORS COVID-19 rules and requirements and relevant government guidelines.

One hundred and forty Bronze on-site audits have already been booked since the re-opening of the Bronze audit booking system last week following the easing of government restrictions on travel and work across parts of the UK. To enable Bronze on-site audits to resume safely, FORS has produced COVID-19 Bronze on-site auditing rules and requirements for both the auditors and the auditees.

FORS operators requesting an audit will need to have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment in line with the relevant government guidance on working safely during COVID-19 in offices and contact centres. In addition, for the purposes of the FORS audit, members will need to confirm the following at the time of requesting the audit:

  1. That a single and only point of contact will be provided for the audit process
  2. That clear guidance on the social distancing and hygiene measures in place at the audit site will be provided to the auditor
  3. That any PPE identified in the FORS member’s risk assessment will be provided to the auditor on the day of the audit
  4. That the audit will be conducted in a well-ventilated designated room that is not occupied by other people
  5. That all evidence will be provided in the room where the audit is taking place
  6. That hand sanitiser will be available in the meeting room
  7. That host responsibilities relating to COVID-19 will be established by the member and that any necessary training will be provided for the person who will be acting as host for the auditor’s visit
  8. That entry and exit routes for visitors and contractors have been reviewed to minimise contact with other people

Failure to have a COVID-19 risk assessment and to adhere to one or more of the above requirements means that the member cannot request a Bronze audit. Auditors reserve the right to cancel an audit during the pre-check call or on the day of the audit if it becomes apparent that one or more of the above requirements will not be met.

Members can request their Bronze on-site audit in the usual way, via their dashboard. For further information on the COVID-19 Bronze on-site auditing process, click here, and for answers to frequently asked questions, click here. Whilst FORS has based its requirements and processes on information issued by the UK government, the FORS document is applicable to England only and there are still regional, national and international restrictions that apply which may continue to prevent FORS audits being undertaken.

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Validity of DQC extended by 7 months

Validity of DQC extended by 7 months

Forward post from DVSA – Validity of DQC extended by 7 months

Extension of expiry dates

Most professional lorry and bus drivers must complete 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years to maintain their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence qualification. This is evidenced by a Driver CPC card.

The card is sometimes called a ‘driver qualification card’ or ‘DQC’.

The validity of DQCs with expiry dates from 1 February 2020 to 31 August 2020 has been extended by 7 months. If the expiry date on your card is in this period, you should add 7 months to that date to calculate the new expiry date.


  • A DQC with an expiry date of 1 February 2020 is now valid until 1 September 2020.
  • A DQC with an expiry date of 1 July 2020 is now valid until 1 February 2021.

You will not be issued with a new card to reflect the new expiry date.

You must continue to carry your DQC.

Periodic training – DQC with an expiry date from 1 February 2020 to 31 August 2020

The 7 month extension to the validity of your DQC gives you an extra 7 months to complete your 35 hours of periodic training. You have 5 years and 7 months from the date your current CPC became valid to undertake this training.


  • Your DQC validity has been extended from 30 June 2020 to 31 January 2021. This means periodic training undertaken from 1 July 2015 counts towards the 35 hours of training you must complete by 31 January 2021 to renew your DQC.

Enforcement arrangements

DQC with an expiry date from 1 September 2020 to 30 September 2020

On 31 March 2020 DVSA gave notice that, subject to review, it did not intend to carry out enforcement action against drivers from 1 September 2020 to 30 September 2020 if their DQC expired during this period.

This gave these drivers up to 29 extra days to complete their periodic CPC training if this was disrupted due to COVID19.

This notice has been rescinded and enforcement action will be carried out from September in relation to DQCs expiring after 31 August, as there are now enough periodic training courses available for drivers whose DQC expires in September 2020 to renew their DQC before then.

If your DQC expires from September 2020, you must not drive until it is renewed. You could face a £1000 fine if you drive without a valid DQC.

Where this applies

All EU countries are obliged to recognise the extension of your DQC. You must carry your DQC when carrying out international road transport.

Remote training

Training is available remotely from commercial providers, via online video platforms. The department encourages drivers to continue to undertake training wherever possible, but not as an activity that needs extra travel and only in compliance with general government advice.

Details of all approved periodic training are on the JAUPT website.

Check your training record

You can find out here how much periodic training you’ve already completed.

Never held a Driver CPC but has acquired rights, or Driver CPC expired before 1 February 2020

If you have never held a Driver CPC and have ‘acquired rights’, or your Driver CPC expired before 1 February 2020, you can complete 35 hours of periodic CPC training to get your Driver CPC.

Some periodic CPC training is currently being delivered remotely.

Further information

Contact if you have any questions.

Want to teach Driver CPC? Contact us for more info. Here to share the knowledge!

Call for logistics professionals to come together

Call for logistics professionals to come together

Forward post from DVSA: Call for logistics professionals to come together. The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT)has launched an initiative to bring together logistics and passenger transport operators in urgent need of supply chain resources.

The initiative, backed by the Road Haulage Association (RHA), the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) matches organisations together so that those who have capacity can help those organisations in need, such as the NHS and the grocery retail sector.

Register on the CILT website if:

  • your organisation needs urgent support
  • you’re a driver in need of work
  • your organisation has capacity to support others in need

Motorway services are open

Motorway and major trunk road services remain open following advice from the government deeming them ‘essential services’.

The government has made it clear that for haulage and delivery drivers, travel is essential and therefore motorway services remain open, and continue to offer takeaway food, toilet and shower services.

How to keep safe

The RHA has published guidance for lorry drivers on how to keep safe when delivering goods, handling documentation and refuelling.

Keep up to date with all official government advice on COVID-19 at GOV.UK.

remote driver cpc training

Remote Driver CPC training introduced!

As COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact on the road transport & logistics industry in a variety of ways, TMconsultant has now introduced Remote Driver CPC Training to help drivers complete their periodic training.

The Government has advised there should be no classroom-based Driver CPC training until 21st June 2020, which has created a problem for HGV drivers whose Driver Qualification Card (DQC) runs out before then.

Some periodic Driver CPC training providers can now offer online training and here at TMconsultant we have introduced remote driver CPC training to all our consortium members.

All our courses are suitable for online driver CPC training so there won’t be much difference, only drivers will be in a virtual classroom! Our consortium members will be using It’s really easy to use, just log on, go to and wait for your trainer to give you a code to join the class.

Nick Wilson our founder said “this is a critical time for all of us and it’s important now more than ever we keep our drivers on the road ensuring our logistics operations keep running. Those drivers who may have retired and would like to get back on the road, will need to ensure they are appropriately trained and therefore will require their 35 hours periodic driver CPC training. As we need to be self-isolation as much as possible, remote driver CPC training is obviously the answer.”

Consortium members offering remote DCPC are below. Just give them a call or get in touch for more information.


Mike Ray
Email –
Tel: 01256 351581

AI 3D LTD CM01885/55

Alexandru Florian Iliescu
Tel: 07413618869

Tick-Box Training Solutions CM01885/20

Simon Boal
Tel: 07401135764

Buddies Driver CPC Trainers CM01885/32

Chris Budd
Tel: 07401135764

RWH Transport Consultancy LTD CM01885/60

Ryan Waddingham-Horsley
Tel: 07803851728

AG Training (Driver CPC) CM01885/58

Adrian Evans
Tel: 07906874876

Prospect Training and Recruitment Ltd CM01885/16

Jak Anjin Jaxon
Tel: 07561 826200

ASM Driving Training Ltd CM01885/57

Adam McNee
Tel: 07935322749

Letter of approval

Please click on the link below to see our letter of approval.

DCPC Remote Delivery Authorisation – 01885

FORS announced their suspension of all Bronze audits

FORS announce the suspension of all Bronze audits

Yesterday evening, FORS announced the suspension of all Bronze audits. They went back on their earlier statement that audits would continue as normal. All FORS operators will have their accreditation countdown clocks paused until further notice, this will allow operators to take a breather and re-book their Bronze FORS audits at a later date.

Silver & Gold applications can still be submitted, as these are checked remotely by a senior auditor within Fleet Source or AA Drivetech.

TMconsultant will still continue to support all its clients with Bronze and Silver assistance, Nick Wilson TMconsultant’s founder comments, ”We have received a surge in Silver upgrade requests in recent days, where operators are trying to be as productive as possible. Our consultants are ready to deal with all enquiries and help in any way we can.”

We have included the official statement from FORS below, for your information.


Suspension of FORS audits from Monday 23 March

Members are advised that with effect from Monday 23 March 2020 all FORS Bronze site audit activity will be suspended until further notice.

Organisations with audits booked to take place up to and including Monday 23 March 2020 can cancel them if they wish and receive a full audit refund. Cancellation charges will not apply.

Organisations with audits booked to take place after Monday 23 March 2020 will receive a full refund and cancellation charges will not apply.

The Silver and Gold evidencing system will remain open for organisations that wish to submit an application for auditing but this is optional.

From 23 March until further notice your FORS accreditation status will be maintained at its current level and there will be no Bronze, Silver or Gold downgrades where accreditation dates are exceeded.

Registered companies seeking to achieve Bronze status should contact the FORS Helpline by email  for further advice:

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and issue further updates as required.
Please refer to the FORS Frequently Asked Questions for further information about Covid-19 and FORS auditing and FORS training.

Need help with FORS?

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TMconsultant pass their FORS Bronze audit

TMconsultant pass their FORS Bronze audit

TMconsultant pass their FORS Bronze audit with flying colours. As a FORS pre-audit service provider, TMconsultant completes an audit each year “so we can practice what we preach” says Steve Hammond, our chief FORS Consultant. “We want to demonstrate (to our clients) that our products work. Taking the FORS Bronze audit shows we hold a certain level of compliance, show we fully understand the audit process and help us understand more about how we can improve and grow ourselves.”

FORS is a voluntary accreditation scheme which promotes best practice for vehicle operators. It encompasses all aspects of safety, efficiency, and environmental protection by encouraging and training fleet operators to measure, monitor and improve performance.

“We use exactly the same pack we provide to all our FORS Help clients”, continues Steve. “As they are templates, we need to make some adjustments and tailor them to fit with our company policies and procedures”.

Need help with FORS?

TMconsultant offer a no-fuss, easy and affordable FORS Help solution to help you attain your FORS Bronze accreditation. For more information get in touch!

FORS Help Package

Full Pre Audit Package

  • Pre audit full package – £1500.00 + VAT – Includes any requisite documents or the complete FORS Help package
  • Seperate visit – £375 + VAT 
FORS Bronze, Revision to D4 Managers Training

FORS Bronze, Revision to D4 Managers Training

Back in October, we explained how you can pass D4 and what manager training would help you obtain your FORS V5 accreditation. Since the implantation of these rules, FORS has a revision to D4 Managers Training requirements which we will explain below.


Our previous blog (FORS Bronze manager training D4 are you ready?) detailed that Manager training for the Transport Manager (or appointed responsible person) must be completed by no later than the 1st January 2020. However, for reasons unknown to us, (but we suspect that it is because so many operators have failed their audits since the 1st January 2020 on D4), FORS have made a U-turn with a revision to D4 Managers Training.  They are now allowing manager training to be booked and paid for, for a future date. The Operator must provide evidence of a booking confirmation and paid invoice at the time of audit. The Operator will still receive a minor action point against D4, but essentially this will be a pass.

What does this mean?

It means that you can still pass your upcoming audit even if you do not fully conform to the requirements of D4, the only proviso being that if you evidence a booking confirmation, but do not actually complete an approved managers course (listed below) by the time of the next audit, that minor action point will automatically become a major action point and you will fail your future audit.

What can I do?

Simple, get the training booked and paid for & evidence this at your audit. You can choose from the list of approved courses below.

The preferred Courses:

  • Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence
  • FORS Professional Fleet Management Essentials
  • FORS Approved Training course on fleet management (The ONLY FORS approved MANAGER courses are here
  • Transport Managers CPC refresher.
  • OLAT (Operator License Awareness Training) courses –  the approved companies can be found here, under Fleet Management training.

Or FORS will accept:

Operator licence awareness courses delivered by professional bodies that are referenced in the Senior Traffic Commissioner Statutory Documents 1 and 3 are automatically FORS Approved. These professional bodies are:

  • British Association of Removers
  • Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
  • Confederation of Passenger Transport
  • Freight Transport Association
  • Institute of Road Transport Engineers
  • Institute of Transport Administrators
  • Road Haulage Association
  • Society of Operations Engineers

* Please note that neither eLearning nor FORS Practitioner will cover this requirement if your organisation holds an Operator license. If your organisation does NOT hold an Operator License, then working towards FORS Practitioner or obtaining FORS Practitioner qualification meets the requirement of D4. Any two workshops from workshops 1/2/3/4/5/6 will meet this training objective.

Need help with FORS?

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eLearning module 'Pedestrian Safe'

FORS Safety eLearning module ‘Pedestrian Safe’

The team at TM Consultant take the latest FORS Safety eLearning module ‘Pedestrian Safe’ for a spin to see what it’s all about.

This FORS safety eLearning module is called Pedestrian Safe. The course looks at all vulnerable road users, who they are, where they may be most vulnerable, road conditions which make pedestrians more vulnerable & how a driver of a commercial vehicle can reduce the chances of an incident with a vulnerable road user. The course split into several sections and includes spoken text, video & Q&A.

First impressions

We are always impressed with the free to use eLearning content that FORS produce & again this module is no exception. The course is easy to use, clear to understand and is visually pleasant.

Who is the course aimed at?

The FORS eLearning module is called ‘Pedestrian Safe’ course is available to anyone with a FORS eLearning account, but it is predominantly aimed at drivers. The course falls under the Safety eLearning section & like the other safety eLearning modules (cycle safety, Bridge smart, etc) the module is valid of one year once passed. the module can be taken to evidence the required driver training in D4 of your Bronze FORS accreditation and offers a great alternative for your drivers if they have already completed numerous eLearning modules.

What we liked about the FORS eLearning module is called ‘Pedestrian Safe’.

We loved how easy the course is to navigate, the user interaction is engaging enough so that you must pay attention, but it’s not too taxing! The animations are clear and really get the message across. The course is split into six quick-fire short sections so the average candidate should take around 20mins to complete the course.

The statistics are thought-provoking, it doesn’t matter how much you think you know it is still shocking to hear facts regarding the sheer number of incidents and deaths involving pedestrians on UK roads. The information in this training course is taken directly from the .Gov UK statistics and some of the more poignant facts we’ve listed below.

‘In 2018 22,397 pedestrians were involved in incidents with vehicles on UK roads.’

‘From 2017 – 2018 the number of pedestrian road deaths involving young people increased by 34%.’

The facts and statistics are delivered in a way that really makes you think about them rather than feeling you’re being lectured.

The section that talks about driver distractions, we enjoyed this section as it shows a driver’s cab, full of day to day items and tech. You click on the clutter/tech and the voice-over explains the potential distraction this item poses to the driver. As you go through this section, the items are removed to reveal a mother and child in the distance that you could not see previously. This is a very strong message and highlights why a clear windscreen is so important.

What next?

As an operator, we recommend adding this course into your Training Matrix/PDP for the coming year. Don’t have a training matrix or PDP? Don’t worry! You can purchase our Master Spreadsheet from our shop which includes this and much more!

Need help with FORS?

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issue with periodic training

Issues with Driver CPC periodic training?

Foward post from DVSA

Periodic training should be informative and engaging and should help improve your skills as a professional driver. If you have had andy issues with Driver CPC periodic training you should report this to the DVSA

We take reports of poor quality periodic training very seriously and we’ll investigate if we hear about bad practice.

What Driver CPC training should cover

As a quick reminder, your training should be:

  • at least 7 hours in length, roughly once a year
  • in line with the Driver CPC syllabus and up to date with best practice guidelines
  • delivered by a knowledgeable trainer
  • engaging and informative

If you, or a member of your staff, had periodic training that you thought was poor quality or didn’t meet the legal requirements, please let us know by emailing

You’ll need to let us know:

  • the date of the training
  • who the training provider was
  • the name of the course you attended
  • what the problem with the training was

Find out more about Driver CPC on GOV.UK

Find out more about how to become a driver CPC trainer with TMconsultant

Lorry driver gets send down after motorway U-turn

Lorry driver gets send down after motorway U-turn

Foward post from the BBC

Staffordshire Police have released CCTV footage of a lorry driver making a dangerous manoeuvre on the M6 Toll.

The footage shows the driver performing a U-turn on a slip road on 21 January.

Police said the driver received a six-month jail sentence and was disqualified from driving for 15 months.