Operator Licence Application Help

Here at TMconsultant we undertake your new operator application on your behalf, ensuring everything is in order before sending your application to the Traffic Commissioner. We can also help with licence variations and changes of operating centre.

We will assist by using the new on-line operator application process or by using the paper/post system. Either way, our job is to ensure your application is complete and correct prior to application. We will be there throughout the whole process, from completing the application form, collating all ancillary documents, proofreading, sending to the central licensing office in Leeds and correspondence.

Do I need an Operators Licence?

If you intend to operate vehicles over 3,500 kg gross vehicle in weight (GVW) which will be used to carry goods on public roads for trade or business purposes you will need one of three types of operator licence. This includes short-term rental vehicles hired for as little as one day. Types of licence are:

Standard national licence

This licence means you can carry your own goods in the UK and international and other people’s goods in the UK. You can also take loaded trailers to or from ports within the UK as part of an international journey, as long as your vehicles don’t leave the country.

Standard international licence

This licence means you can carry your own goods, and other people’s goods, both in the UK and on international journeys.

When you get a standard international licence, you can also request the issue of Community Licences. These allow:

  • Trips between all EU member countries
  • Transit traffic through EU member countries
  • Cabotage (journeys entirely within another EU member country)

Restricted licence

This licence allows you to carry your own goods, but not other people’s goods. (The rules are different if you’re in Northern Ireland).

Do I need to appoint a Transport Manager?

If you're applying for Standard National or International Operators License then yes, you will need to appoint a Transport Manager as part of your application. If you haven't already appointed Transport Manager or you're unsure about the requirements, please get in touch for advice. We can provide you with all the information you require and appoint a Transport Manager as part of our Transport Manager finding service.

How much does it cost for TMconsultant to help?

We charge a flat fee of £350.00 + vat for a new Operator Licence application or major change. Applications can also include adding/removing an operating centre, multiple operating centres, moving to a different traffic area & increasing or decreasing fleet/trailer size. We cover all your needs & eventualities!

Also, when applying for a goods vehicle operator’s licence, you’ll have to pay additional government fees which are:

  • A one-off fee payable for new applications or major changes - £257.00
  • A fee for the issue of a licence - £401.00
  • A fee for the issue of an interim licence (if applicable) - £68.00
  • A continuation fee every 5 years to keep your licence active - £401.00

What else do I need?

  • You will need an operating centre. Somewhere to park your vehicle(s) overnight
  • A correspondence address if different from your operating centre address
  • An advert in your local paper to inform the area you are applying for an operating licence. We will help you with this, however, there will be a cost of around £200 payable to the publication
  • Enough money you can get ready access to. Please see the current rates below for financial standing

How long will it take to get my operator licence?

This will depend on a number of factors. Operator Licencing says it will take around nine weeks, however, due to recent events means it could take much longer. If you are in a hurry it may be prudent to apply for an interim licence. An interim license is essentially a temporary licence. Again we will help you with this. It is worth noting, however, that the speed on which an interim licence is granted is dependant on the main application being all present and correct.

What we will do for you!

  • Give you advice on the type of Licence required
  • Completion of the necessary GV79 application form either via the on-line or paper/post version and interim applications
  • Completion and advice regarding the TM1 form if required (Standard and International Licenses)
  • Provision of the necessary contract for external transport managers (if you need to appoint a transport manager, we can help click here for details).
  • Preparation of maintenance agreement
  • Preparation of operating centre usage consent letter (if using a third party premise)
  • Provision of the correct newspaper article with correctly worded public notice
  • Proofreading/checking of all required documentation
  • Liaison with the Traffic Commissioners Office during the application process
  • After-sales advice and support.

What are the current rates for financial standing?

As of 1st January 2020 the rates for a Standard Licence application are:

First vehicle £8,000
Additional vehicles £4,450

For a Restricted application they are:

First vehicle £3,100
Additional vehicles £1,700

Why is this important to my application? You will be required to show evidence that you have the required funds within your business to cover maintenance and any unforeseen costs that may arise whilst running your fleet of vehicles. This money can be shown as an average balance in your bank account over several months, savings or an agreed overdraft facility.

Why use us?

One of the biggest reasons for a delay in applications being granted is because of mistakes on the application, provision of incorrect ancillary documentation or issues with the TM1 form. By using our services we will have tackled any issues prior to application so you can be rest assured your application will go through smoothly as possible. Our aim is to make your Operator License application a hassle-free process, so you can focus on running your business.

How do I get more information?

If you would like more information or would like to talk through your application, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to share the knowledge!

Just complete the form below and a consultant will get back to you shortly.