Are you looking to join a Driver CPC Consortium? Perhaps you're a transport manager and would prefer to train your drivers yourself. Maybe you're a driving instructor looking at alternative revenue streams. Are you an existing training centre or perhaps a professional driver thinking about a change of career? Whatever your current status, here at TMconsultant we are here to help, providing support and guidance to help you run your own successful Periodic Driver CPC Training Centre.

What is a Driver CPC Consortium?

A Driver CPC consortium is an association of like-minded individuals who carry out driver CPC training under the management of one umbrella company.  TMconsultant is a JAUPT approved Driver CPC Consortium, providing the opportunity for those who would like to deliver Driver CPC training (either in the classroom or remotely) but would prefer not to set up a training centre in their own right. By becoming a member of our consortium, you can teach Periodic Driver CPC training with all the benefits of being a fully registered training centre, operating under the management of TMconsultant.

What are the benefits of joining the TMconsultant Driver CPC Training Consortium?

  • Add value to your current training portfolio
  • Run your own business delivering Periodic Driver CPC Training either in the classroom or remotely.
  • Training costs savings for in-house trainers
  • Total flexibility of when and how to deliver training
  • Simple administration with full support
  • Minimal setup costs
  • High earning potential for businesses – set your own pricing structure to stay competitive in the market
  • Access to all our CPC presentations
  • Build your own courses – facility to design and register bespoke courses
  • Full support and advice

What are the costs?

Upload fee per driver per upload
  • £7.20 - Admin Fee + VAT
  • £8.75 - DVSA upload fee (VAT exempt)
Annual registration fee
  • £275 + VAT

Can I get more information, can talk this through with anyone?

Sure! We like to chat so please get in touch. Alternatively click on the below links for FAQs for more information, Ts&Cs or go ahead and apply. Top tip - Do read through the instructions fully and have everything ready and in place before you complete the application form.