FORS Silver Help

So you have just passed your FORS Bronze audit and you are wondering what's the next stage? Well, that would be to gain your FORS Silver accreditation. With TMconsultant, FORS Silver Help, we offer an on-line, easy yet affordable help solution to gain your FORS Silver accreditation.

It can be overwhelming for an operator when preparing for FORS Silver. The huge amount of preparation for you can be, understandably a little daunting. This is why TMconsultant provides you and your company with some much needed FORS Silver Help.

What is FORS Silver?

FORS Silver accreditation is the next step up from Bronze accreditation. It confirms that you employ good practice and comply with the requirements laid out by the FORS Standard.

  • For Silver accreditation, fleet operators shall provide evidence for all accredited operating centres demonstrating that they meet the specific requirements for Silver
  • Evidence must be submitted via the evidencing system
  • Bronze accreditation must be valid for at least 45 more days at the time of submitting evidence for Silver accreditation

What are the benefits of upgrading to FORS Silver?

There are several benefits of upgrading to FORS Silver. Your fleet will be compliant with the CLOCS Standard for Construction Logistics and with TfL’s WRRR (Work Related Road Risk). You will only need to have a Bronze audit every two years and by creating the opportunity to prove superior compliance over and above Bronze, will help you to win additional contracts unavailable at Bronze level.

What does our service include?

When you purchase the TMconsultant Silver Help package, you will have access to a dedicated FORS consultant who will guide you through the process from start to pass! We provide all required Silver policies, processes and risk assessment templates for your application which are downloadable after purchase. We will work with you (remotely on-line) to obtain the required information to complete the application. Once we have everything we need, your consultant will collate all the information and help you complete the online application.

Are there any additional costs?

The step up from Bronze to Silver does require additional staff training and vehicle safety equipment over and above the cost of the application and our services. You may or may not have this in place already. However, we will advise you immediately of any additional requirements needed for your V5 Silver application. (Please visit our Silver upgrade BLOG which explains this in more detail)

How long will it take to complete FORS Silver?

We will strive to turn your application around as quickly as possible. But there are some factors which can slow the application down and are out of our control.

  1. Depending on the number of drivers and the outstanding Silver training requirements, getting drivers booked in and trained to meet the minimum Silver FORS requirements can be a juggling act so as not to impact on your fleet operations
  2. Booking and fitment of the Silver FORS safety equipment to fleet vehicles. This can take time to book in at a convenient time, TMConsultant has partnered with AVR Mobile, please see the link below to get a no-obligation quote. (link to AVR mobiles site)

What happens if my application is rejected?

We offer a guaranteed pass with our FORS Silver Service, however, applications can be rejected from time to time. If this happens, we will analyse the feedback, work with you to rectify any major action points and cover the cost of the resubmission fee.

How much will the FORS Silver Help service cost?

Whether this is an initial or reapproval V5 Silver application. We offer a fair, staggered price structure dependant on fleet size.

1-5 vehicles £700.00+vat

6-20 vehicles £900.00+vat

20+ vehicles £1100.00+vat

Why should I use TMconsultant's services?

Here at TMconsultant we really enjoy what we do. We love helping our customers successfully achieve their FORS accreditations. Our team consultants are always on hand to assist you on your FORS journey. They are either FORS auditors themselves or hold the FORS practitioner certificate. We all have many years of FORS and compliance experience, so you can be rest assured you're in safe hands!

How do I purchase FORS Silver Help?

Simply choose your option below and you will be taken to the shop cart. Make your purchase, download the package documents and one of our consultants will be in contact with you shortly.

FORS Silver Help 1-5 vehicles
£700.00 + vat
1-5 vehicles

Remote on-line help

Access to a dedicated consultant

All required Silver policies, processes and risk assessment templates

FORS Silver Help 6-20 Vehicles
£900.00 + vat
6-20 Vehicles

Remote on-line help

Access to a dedicated consultant

All required Silver policies, processes and risk assessment templates

FORS Silver Help 20+ Vehicles
£1100.00 + vat
20+ Vehicles

Remote on-line help

Access to a dedicated consultant

All required Silver policies, processes and risk assessment templates