Transport Manager Job Opportunities

Here at TMconsultant we can offer like minded professionals with transport manager job opportunities to help us assist our clients throughout the UK. If you are a qualified Transport Manager and you are either looking for full time or external transport management positions we can help.

If you are looking to become a transport manager, have a look at our post 'How to become an External Transport Manager' where you'll find loads of useful tips.  

How does it work?

For full time transport manager positions we will introduce you to your prospective employer, whereby you will go through the usual employment/interview process. 

For external transport manager positions, we will introduce you to your new client, whereby you will need to discus the position further. We don't get involved aside from making the introductions. 

How do I get paid?

For full time positions you will be remunerated in the usual way via PAYE through your employer on a monthly basis.

For external transport managers, we bill your prospective client for the first month of your employment. After the first month you will need to invoice your client on a monthly basis. 

How much will be paid?

For full time transport manager positions the employer will set the amount to be remunerated. 

For external transport managers we have set amounts. These depend on how many vehicles are on your prospective clients operators licence and their OCRS (operator compliance risk score). For external transport manager rates/prices go here.

How do I join?

Just complete the transport manager job opportunities application form and we will add you to our database. We will contact you should a position become available in your area. 

Where can I get more information?

You can get in touch or please do have a look at our news pages for the Transport Manager here

Have you thought about teaching Driver CPC?

TMconsultant also offer opportunities for Transport Managers to teach Driver CPC in house. By becoming one of our affiliate members you can teach Periodic Driver CPC training, with all the benefits of being a fully registered training centre with JAUPT, operating under the umbrella of TMconsultant. For more information go here. Alternatively please do get in touch. Here to share the knowledge! 

Are you an employer, are you looking for an External Transport Manager? 

If yes then we can help! Click below for more information or get in touch.

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