Driver CPC Consortium Application Form

Guidance notes

We require very specific, detailed information, so it is vitally important you complete this form accurately. Please read the guidance notes prior to making your application!

Teaching experience demonstration

You will need to demonstrate you have sound knowledge of teaching methods, meeting level 2 requirements (see below) You must provide relevant certification as evidence.

If you have no formal qualifications, it is possible you may have relevant experience, however. If this is the case you must provide us with a letter headed reference letter from a previous or current employer. This statement should assure DVSA that a trainer has sound knowledge of teaching methods and experience of teaching. A minimum of six months toolbox talk teaching experience is acceptable, however, we will require evidence that training has taken place. Please upload your evidence. Each case is dealt with individually, and therefore we can not guarantee just your experience will be enough to join our consortium.

We do accept relevant 'train the trainer' certifications as long as you can show us the course content.

Under the teaching qualifications/experience question, you must tick all the category boxes that apply to you, for which you actually have evidence, and then specify exactly what they are. Please note, that any incorrectly completed applications will be automatically rejected.

Meeting the Level 2 requirement

Trainers will need to demonstrate they can teach a minium requirement of 'Level 2'. A Level 2 involves applying knowledge to a range of varied work activities, which may be performed in a variety of different contexts in collaboration with others or autonomously. For example, outcomes for periodic training courses that state that drivers will, after completion, be able to, ‘explain……..; explain how………; describe………; recognise……; describe how……..; identify……..; decide.........’. For more information regarding Level 2 go here.

To assure DVSA/DVA that these standards will be met example qualifications have been provided below:

Subject matter

You must have a sound knowledge of the subject being delivered. For example, if you are a practicing transport manager you or have been driving vocational vehicles for a number of years, it may be considered you have more than adequate knowledge of the Drivers Hours Rules and Regulations.

Under the 'subject matter qualifications', you must tick all the category boxes that apply to you, for which you actually have evidence, and then specify exactly what they are. Please note, that any incorrectly completed applications will be automatically rejected.

To assure DVSA that a trainer can demonstrate the appropriate subject matter expertise and relevant experience to deliver a specific course, we consider the qualifications below would be acceptable evidence in respect of common periodic training content:

Driver CPC Trainer Subject Matter 1


If you are intending to deliver training in a classroom,  you must have adequate PLI insurance. Please upload a copy as proof of being insured, this a JAUPT requirement.

Evidence demonstration

Firstly, tick ALL the category boxes that apply to you, for which you actually have evidence, and then specify exactly what they are. You will then be required to upload your accreditations and evidence of experience as part of the application. Please note, we are unable to process any applications where you have not provided/uploaded suitable documentation.

Make sure you upload a copy of your driving licence for ID and licence category confirmation. Once you have applied and paid the membership fee, it will take around 5-7 working days to get you set up.

If you feel you need to discuss your application, please do get in touch.