Additional trainer form

N.B this is the additional trainer application form. If you are applying to become a consortium member use the Consortium Application form here

This form is to provide us with information on other trainers who will be working with you, or if you are adding a new trainer. As with the main application form, we need you to demonstrate the trainers' subject knowledge and teaching qualifications/experience. Be specific as we submit this information to JAUPT for verification trainers can deliver DCPC. If you have any questions please do just get in touch.

Teaching experience demonstration

You will need to demonstrate you have sound knowledge of teaching methods. If you have no formal qualifications, it is possible you may have relevant experience. However, you will need to demonstrate this by providing details of exactly what you have achieved and what you feel will be applicable. Submit your CV with a signed reference from someone who can vouch for you. N.B we do accept relevant train the trainer certifications.

Subject matter

You must have a sound knowledge of the subject being delivered. For example, if you have been driving vocational vehicles for a number of years, it may be considered you have more than adequate knowledge of the Drivers Hours Rules and Regulations.

Meeting the Level 2 requirement

Trainers will need to demonstrate they can teach to a minimum requirement of 'Level 2'. A Level 2 involves applying knowledge to a range of varied work activities, which may be performed in a variety of different contexts in collaboration with others or autonomously. For example, outcomes for periodic training courses that state that drivers will, after completion, be able to, ‘explain……..; explain how………; describe………; recognise……; describe how……..; identify……..; decide.........;

For more information regarding Level 2 go here.


If you are intending to deliver training to the public,  you must have adequate PLI insurance. Please upload a copy as proof of being insured as this a JAUPT requirement. Speak to your employer to ensure this is in place.

Evidence demonstration

You will be required to upload relevant certifications/accreditations and evidence of experience as part of your application. Make sure you upload a copy of your driving licence for ID and licence category confirmation. Please note, we are unable to process any applications where you have not provided/uploaded suitable documentation.

Please read the notes prior to making your application and complete the Driver CPC Consortium application form in full below.