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Easy to read legislative changes to Tachograph and Exemption rules

While I’m here I thought I’d post the updated legislative changes to Tachograph and Exemption rules which came into place back in March….all useful stuff!

Extension to digital tachograph Vehicle Unit download limit

On 6 April 2015 the maximum legal limit for downloading data from the digital tachograph vehicle unit increased from the current 56 days to the EU maximum of 90 days. The limit for the driver card was unchanged. This may now allow operators whose vehicle safety inspections are at intervals of eight weeks or greater to incorporate the download as part of the inspection process, as is common practice currently where the inspection interval is less than eight weeks. This may also aid operators whose vehicles spend significant amounts of time away from base.

New generation digital tachographs

A new regulation from the EU will impact upon various aspects of digital tachograph laws, including specifying a ‘new generation’ unit which will be required to be fitted in new vehicles registered from around 2019 (specific date yet to be confirmed). The new tachograph units will include a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) source to produce a location stamp at start and end of driving and otherwise at three hour intervals, a wireless enforcement function to communicate to enforcement officers possible manipulation (but not driving and break data), and the integration with Intelligent Transport Systems such as telematics equipment.


From 2 March 2015, a new European regulation – EU 165/2014 (PDF 2 MB) – will replace EEC 3821/85, setting out requirements for the construction, installation, use, testing and control of tachograph recording equipment.

The new regulation increases the journey distance for exemptions from 50km to 100km from the operator’s base. This will apply to:

  • vehicles or vehicle and trailer combinations with a maximum weight of 7,500 kg which are:

 –      used to carry materials, equipment or machinery for the driver’s use in the course of his work and when driving the vehicle is not the driver’s main activity

 –      used to carry goods and which are propelled by natural or liquefied gas or electricity

  • vehicles used to carry live animals from farms to local markets, or from markets to local farms or slaughterhouses

From 2 March 2015, these vehicles will no longer have to be fitted with tachograph recording equipment and the drivers will not have to comply with EC drivers’ hour rules. Instead, drivers of these vehicles must meet GB domestic drivers’ hours rules.

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