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Left it too late to prepare for your FORS Audit?

Left it too late to prepare for your FORS Audit?

I get many enquiries from potential clients who feel they may have left it too late to prepare for their FORS Audit. Obviously, I would never advocate this kind of action plan as with some cases it may mean re-booking your audit. FORS are generally very fair and look at each case individually but leaving too late will probably not stand up. You’ll also need to pay the audit re-booking fee. Depending on fleet size, this can be quite substantial especially when having to paying twice. It’s also worth pointing out that unless you book your FORS audit within a three month period, you’ll also be liable for re-registering and paying the associated costs.

For a full breakdown of what FORS costs, go here

What you can do if you’ve left it too late to prepare for your FORS Audit?

If you have left it too late to prepare for your FORS audit, then depending on the time frame, will depend on what you can do. Obviously, the longer you leave it the more limited your options are but it’s not impossible to reach a favourable outcome, if you’re prepared to put in the time and effort.

So the question is what do you need to do?

Well, firstly don’t panic! It is understandable to feel overwhelmed when you approach the Standard. Along with all the other tasks you have to carry out for your job, you would be forgiven for feeling a little stressed. The great news is the Standard is actually your friend. I know what? Because it has been set out in a very simple and measured way it is designed to help you as much as possible. You will also need to address the guide as this sets out what you need to show as evidence to the auditor.

Ok so you have your Standard and the guide to go with it. Now just work your way through, step by step tackle each task. The biggest hurdle to tackle first is your policies and procedures manual. You should already have an exiting document which you can adapt. If you don’t you can find a FORS ready template here. If you are using a template then work through methodically using the standard and guide and ensure the document is company specific.

It might be a good idea to consider employing the services of a consultant who specialise in helping operators achieve their FORS accreditation. They will identify any shortfalls quickly and provide a realistic time line and action plan for you to follow. They will help you speed things up but it still up to you to ensure all the tasks are completed.

If you think you’ve left it too late to prepare for your FORS Audit then get in touch, I may be able to help. Here to share the knowledge!


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