Transport Manager Finder Service

Looking for an External Transport Manager (ETM)? Here at TMconsultant, our External Transport Manager Finder Service connects transport managers with employer operators. Every day we collect details of external transport managers all over the country who are looking for work.

How does it work?

We want to ensure we find the right candidate for you, so the first step is to complete the form to the right, providing us with as much information as possible. When we receive the form, we'll get in touch with you to discuss in more detail.

Is there a contract to sign?

Yes, the ETM will supply the contract and both parties will need to agree prior to commencement of any work carried out. For more information and to purchase a copy template of the ETM contract please go here.

What's the minimum the contract be?

We advise a minimum time of 6 months to a year.

How many hours will the ETM be contracted to work?

That depends on how many vehicles are on your operator licence. The traffic commissioner's office statutory guidance provides a broad guideline as to what might be expected in terms of hours worked by a transport manager relative to the maximum number of vehicles authorised for a licence. Please note that this is a starting point only. The traffic commissioner will need to be satisfied that your ETM is capable of exercising continuous and effective management of the transport operation (see below) and will consider each case on its own facts and its own merits.

For a full rundown on the statutory guidance please see here.

How much does an ETM cost?

The cost will depend on how many vehicles you have on your operator licence and what your current Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) is. Prices start at £350.00 for the first vehicle and £100.00 per vehicle after that. For a full rundown of prices please visit our external transport manager prices page here.

What are your charges?

We charge the first-months fee from the ETM as our finders fee. However, this is payable by you (the client) so we can carry out the search. The ETM will start to charge you their fee at the end of the second month. Please click here for pricing. If we are unable to find an ETM you will receive a full refund.

Need more info?

We're here to help so just get in touch, here to share the knowledge!

Employers please complete the form below providing as much information as possible.