TMconsultant launch the Transport Manager Compliance Pack

TMconsultant launch the Transport Manager Compliance Pack

When you complete your TM CPC, you may be asking what would be the most important item you will need when embarking on your new career? Well, that would be a comprehensive transport manager compliance pack, a transport manager’s bible. We get many enquiries, from newly qualified transport managers regarding this, so we thought it about time we put together a definitive Transport Manager Compliance Pack template.

Traffic Commissioners expect you to be able to demonstrate the mechanisms you intend to have in place and how you will be managing your fleet. This means all transport managers, internal and external will need to be armed with a set of policies and processes, so they can effectively and continuously manage transport activities. For example, auditing of daily walk-round checks, managing, auditing and reviewing compliance systems, reviewing any shortcomings such as prohibitions and/annual test failures, ensure provisions are in place for the prompt delivery of maintenance sheets, cross-checking the soundness of driver walk-round checks, and PMIs. For a list of transport, manager duties check out our blog on top-line transport manager duties. As you can imagine, compiling a compliance pack from scratch will take some time, this is where our Transport Manager’s Compliance Pack template comes into play. Our pack is a downloadable product and easy to purchase.

So what’s included in the pack?

  • Operator Handbook VS5 – full company policies and process, director declaration
  • Driver Handbook VS5 – policies, processes, declarations and risk assessments relevant to the driver, driver declaration
  • Stationary & Forms – comprehensive pack containing all the stationery and forms you’ll need to run an effective fleet
  • To-do List/Status/Review Document – a helpful tool to ensure you have covered off everything and assist in your annual review
  • Fleet Operator Master Spreadsheet – a handy all in one spreadsheet to record and manage your fleet
  • Risk Assessment Package – essential in helping you manage your transport, work-related road risk (WRRR) obligations
  • Tech support – get in touch if you have any technical issues regarding the pack

Want to purchase the pack, go here.

For more DVSA information regarding effective Transport Management go here.

If you need any help or would just like to have a chat please do get in touch, we’re here to share the knowledge!

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