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How to Manage Your Vehicle Operator Licence on-line

In today’s fast-paced transportation industry, managing your operator licence efficiently is crucial to ensure compliance. The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) recognises the challenges faced by operators in this regard, so they developed the Manage Your Operator Licence Online platform. This self-service system simplifies the process of updating and maintaining your operator licence. In this blog, we’ll have a look at what you can do on the Manage Your Vehicle Operator Licence online system.

What can you do on the Manage Your Operator Licence Platform?

Add/Remove Vehicles on Your Licence

It is likely you will need to add or remove a vehicle to your operator licence. You can do this easily on the system, just remember to do so within 28 days of the new vehicle(s) coming into your possession.

Add or Remove a Transport Manager

When changes occur in your management team, such as adding or removing a transport manager, the Traffic Commissioner must be informed immediately. The OtC (Office of the Traffic Commissioner) usually will allow a reasonable period of time for you to find a replacement Transport Manager. The time frame is normally up to 6 months, however, in some cases, it may be extended to 9 months at the Traffic Commissioner’s discretion.

Change Your Licence Type – Major Change/Variation

You can change your licence from a restricted to a standard national licence, or from a standard national to a standard international licence for example. To do this you must apply using the platform at least nine weeks before you require the change to happen.

You don’t have to advertise a change in licence, but you will have to provide proof of competence, good repute and financial standing if you are moving from a restricted to a standard licence to a standard national or standard international licence.

The traffic commissioner publishes applications to upgrade licences in Applications and Decisions. This will mean your application will be open to objection by statutory objectors such as local authorities and the police.

The change in licence type does not take effect until the application has been granted and the varied licence issued, unless an interim authority has been given.

Increase Vehicle/Trailer Limit – Major Change/Variation

As your business flourishes, you might find the need to increase the vehicle limit on your licence. The platform allows you to request an upgrade to accommodate a larger fleet if you want to exceed the maximum number of vehicles permitted on your licence. This is also classed as a Major Variation and will need advertising together with evidence of financial standing. The fee is £275.00 and you must apply at least nine weeks before you need the extra vehicles/trailers.

Change or Add a New Operating Centre – Major Change/Variation

You may want to move your operating centre to new or larger premises or even add a new operating centre as you expand. As with a new application, the OtC will publish details of your variation application in the publication Applications and Decisions and you will need to advertise the application in a newspaper circulating in the vicinity of your new operating centre. If you are only using vehicles (or vehicle combinations) that do not exceed 3.5 tonnes you do not need to advertise the intention.

Add/Remove Directors

You must inform the Traffic Commissioner immediately if there are any changes regarding Company Directors. For example, if someone is taken on as a director, a director dies or if the business changes from sole trader to a limited company. The change could constitute a major change and a fee of £275.00 charged.

Surrender Your Licence

In some cases, operators may decide to cease their operations temporarily or permanently. The self-help system offers a simple and straightforward process to give up, or “surrender,” your operator licence. This feature helps ensure you comply with the necessary procedures when discontinuing your transportation services.

Print/Download a Replacement Licence

The Manage Your Operator Licence system provides a convenient way to get a replacement copy of your O’Licence. Whether you need a physical copy or a digital version, the platform ensures you can obtain a replacement.

N.B. You have to apply by post if you want to transfer an operating centre to another licence.

How to register for the Manage Your Vehicle Operator Licence online system

It’s easy to register for an account

Step 1: Visit the DVSA Website – and click Start now

Manage your vehicle operator licence







Step 2: Click create an account

Create an account

Step 3: Create your account

Create an account

Step 3: Check your email. You will receive 2 emails. One with a temporary password and one with to confirm your registration

Check your email

Step 4: Click ‘sign in’ from your temporary password email. This will take you to a page to create a new password

Change your password

And that’s it, you have created your account!

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