The RHA Webinar sales pitch

Last week I got involved with a Road Haulage Association (RHA) Webinar “Driver CPC is here to stay after Brexit”, which I thought was actually quite good for a number of reasons. It was entertaining, the hosts were friendly, well informed and engaging. I enjoyed the interactive aspects, where you can type your questions, which the hosts answer in real time. In fact, I do like the people at the RHA (generally) and these chaps exemplified this.

The subject matter was a great choice, as most operators and drivers alike are keen to know what’s going to happen to driver CPC after Brexit. I imagine most savvy people will have a basic understanding of what will happen to EU legislation after Brexit. It was however, reassuring to know my understanding was on track!

So why my title ‘The RHA Webinar sales pitch’? Well, I do also have some criticisms. After the session it would have been nice to receive an email containing a link to listen again, together with slide show etc. There was a mention of ‘after session access’ but no instructions were given as to how this works.

My main gripe, is not necessarily the sales pitch itself, but the subtext of the promotional message. Now, I’m all for using creative and innovative ways to promote a business, but I feel it shouldn’t be at the expense of the smaller players. I very much doubt the hosts meant anything other than good intent. But the way the RHA explain why you should spend your money with them for training, rather with a competitor, I think should be reviewed. So here’s what I mean, the hosts were selling their training products and justifying why they are more expensive than the competition. The message was because you get what you pay for. Now, to a RHA member listening, that would seem like a perfectly reasonable proposition. However, it also implies (by default) that the other training providers are not a worthwhile investment. It’s a blanket generalisation of the rest of the transport training industry. This is of course not case. For example, our very own consortium member JK Transport Training won the Talent in Logistics Driver CPC Training Provider of the Year Award 2017. And as far as I’m aware they were up against the big boys too! Anyway my point is this. Yes, there are some not so great training providers out there but you don’t have to pay through the nose to get a decent day’s instruction.

If you would like to get involved with future RHA sales pitches….sorry webinars, go here.

For advice about Driver CPC training or if you would like to join the TMconsultant consortium go here. Here to share the knowledge!


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