Driver CPC Training Centre Help

Our Driver CPC Training Centre Help products are for those who wish to set up their own Driver CPC training centres and could use some help with the application processes.

We supply documentation templates, course materials, and support to help ensure both Centre and Course applications are accepted first time round.

The application process requires you to assure DVSA/DVA you are compliant with statutory requirements, demonstrate how you deliver Driver CPC training to a high-quality standard and submit well-thought-out courses.

This comprehensive range of Driver CPC Help products provides all the tools needed to get you on the right track and beyond.

Centre Scheme of Control, Policies & Processes Template (SoC) worth £285.00

The Centre Scheme of Control sets out in detail the way you monitor and manage training and how you address the risks in relation to the size and structure of your operation. Our SoC template contains extra policies and processes not asked for by DVSA, yet are required for course applications. These include pre-course planning, scheduling, cancellations, course changes, ID checks, languages, CPDs, learning needs, and remote training processes.

Presentations course materials – From £242.50

User-friendly (HGV & PCV) driver DCPC course presentations covering almost all of the Driver CPC training syllabus.

Management tools and Stationery Folder – £85.00 (free when purchased with the full package)

Template spreadsheets to record and manage courses, trainers, (consortium members), clients, attendees, scheduling, uploading, and auditing.

Support Plus – £375.00

Ongoing support and advisory service right up to the point your courses are approved.

Initial Support – Free

Initial after-sales technical support on all the products you have purchased.

Full package – £2661.60 – 20% saving on the total cost

Purchase all products together including 35 hours worth of Driver CPC Course Materials, and get a 20% discount, plus the invaluable Management Tools & Stationery Folder for free.

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