Driver CPC Presentations Course Materials 2023

Are you looking for off-the-shelf, ready-to-go Driver CPC Presentations course materials 2023? Well, you have come to the right place. Here at TMconsultant, we supply licenced, HGV and PCV intuitive, user-friendly Driver DCPC Course Presentations for Driver CPC centres and trainers. 

All our course materials are in regular use by our consortium members. They are reviewed regularly and are submitted for approval each year.

The course materials are created here at TMconsultant and are made in PowerPoint. They cover a wide range of subjects, so plenty to choose from ensuring you have covered most of the syllabus requirements. With a full 35 hours’ worth of course materials, you can be sure your attendees will be fully informed about the jobs and tasks ahead.

Although the course summary is included, you will need to prepare the application forms and submit them together with trainer evidence yourself for DVSA approval.

Please note, our courses are sold on licence only. This means you are not permitted to reproduce, copy, modify, distribute, display, or create derivative works subLicence, lease, rent, or transfer the Presentations to any third party in whole or in part without prior written consent. It is possible to buy our courses licence free, please contact us for prices. To view our licence terms and conditions please visit our Terms & Conditions page here.

1. Driver Essentials- 7-hour course

This comprehensive course, Driver Essentials will ensure both HGV and PCV drivers acquire a full understanding of EU and Domestic Drivers’ Hours, Working Time, and Tachograph record-keeping covering both analogue and digital use. A complete course covering all the essential legislative elements required for the professional driver.

2. Driver Compliance – 7-hour course

For both HGV & PCV, this extensive course, Driver Compliance, provides the professional driver with an overall understanding of their roles and responsibilities to help minimise errors in compliance. Together with Daily Walk Round Checks, Defect Reporting, Eco Driving, and a driver hours refresher session completes an informative day of training.

With PCV slot-in Daily Walk Round Checks slides

3. Driver Welfare, Customer Care & Security – 7-hour course

This engaging course, Driver Welfare, Customer Care & Security examines how professional drivers can improve interactions and relations with colleagues and customers. The course for both HGV & PCV, provides a wealth of advice and useful pointers combining driver well-being affecting their ability to drive safely, counterterrorism, and security.

4. Health & Safety – 3.5-hour module

This module, Health & Safety for both HVG & PCV, looks at raising awareness regarding the rules and undertakings that apply in the workplace with respect to health & safety and mental health. Highlighting the importance of teamwork, this course is also full of useful pointers and tips to help the professional driver keep safe whilst carrying out their daily duties.

5. HGV Safe Loading – 3.5-hour module

This module, HGV Safe Loading examines the rules and undertakings that apply to the Safe Loading of HGVs. The course explores various types of loading techniques and the use of appropriate loading and securing equipment ensuring drivers are armed with all the knowledge required to carry out their duties safely.

6. PCV Toolbox – 3.5-hour module

This expansive module, PCV Toolbox examines how PCV drivers can adapt their behaviours taking into consideration passenger safety and comfort. The course looks at behaviour to maintain a positive company image and explores the economic and political environment and regulations governing the carriage of passengers.

7. Challenging Driving Conditions – 3.5-hour module

A nonchallenging yet engaging and informative 3.5 hour module, Challenging Driving Conditions, looks at how vehicle control and driving style can improve vehicle safety in the United Kingdom’s diverse environments. For both HGV & PCV drivers.

8. Traffic Law, Incidents & Vulnerable Road Users – 7-hour course

Our Traffic Law, Incidents, and Vulnerable Road Users course is packed full of exciting content, providing both PCV and HGV drivers with useful facts and figures. This comprehensive course is full of insightful hints and tips on staying safer on our roads.

9. Safeguarding and Customer Care 7-hour course

This invaluable Driver CPC presentation Safeguarding and Customer Care course aims to enable PCV drivers to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that passengers often encounter when utilising transportation services. It emphasises the driver’s responsibility in facilitating unrestricted and convenient access to these services they provide and addresses the broader concern of protecting vulnerable passengers

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