Old Trucks at Horsted Keynes Station

Thought I’d post some pics of a small old trucks gathering. I must admit, I didn’t get chance to get any information as to who this small collective of enthusiasts we’re, as we needed catch a train! Horsted Keynes station is part of the Bluebell Railway which is a beautiful heritage train line running for 11 miles along the border between East and West Sussex. It uses steam trains which operate between Sheffield Park and East Grinstead. It’s the oldest steam-operated passenger railway in the world to operate a public service. The Society ran its first train on 7 August 1960, less than three years after the line was axed as part of Baron Beeching’s report, which essentially saw the loss of over a third of Britain’s lines.

The Station it’s self is just like going back in time in a real literal sense. It’s been restored under a 1930s theme with period newspaper headlines on boards by the buffet and adverts of the period.

Sorry back to the trucks. Well, suffice to say these are awesome examples of restored old trucks and hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did.



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