FORS Bronze Standard VS4.0 operator handbook

How to compile your FORS manual the easy way

In my post Why We Like Policies and Procedures for Transport Managers I talked about the importance of policies and procedures as they provide the framework for all your transport operations. Today, I want to provide you with some insight as to how to compile your FORS manual the easy way. Thus preparing you for a successful FORS audit.

It’s easier that you think!

This isn’t to diminish the importance and usefulness of FORS in anyway but once you have your starting point and the requisite components it shouldn’t be too taxing.¬† However, you should give yourself plenty of time as the actual process is time consuming. Follow the rules below and you’ll be on to a winner!

Rule 1. Follow the Standard

I have gained all my experience through helping companies achieve their FORS Bronze accreditation and I know FORS auditors hold the same opinion when they turn up to an audit. Like all humans they prefer to have an easy audit and for that reason they want to see a concise, well written manual containing the correct information which follows FORS Standard. I can not stress how important this is. When you compile your policies and procedures for your audit and follow the Standard you will have completed 80% of your audit requirements.

Rule 2. Use the Standard

I remember the line “the answer’s in the question” in the Reeves and Mortimer quiz show, Shooting Stars. When first reading through the FORS website it can be minefield of information and broken links and to prepare can be a very daunting prospect. However, the answer is in the question. All the policies and procedures are within the Standard itself. Together with the guidance notes, will provide you with, if not all the information required, certainly most of it. The rest is bespoke company policy you will need to research and compile yourself. Ensure you use the numbering system M1, M2 etc. Use the headers and even the text to compile your document from the Standard and the Guidance notes. If you do this, you will lay the foundations needed to write a great manual. It’s worth noting your drivers will also need a handbook of some description which you can compile in the same way, thus ensuring you have left nothing out. Obviously, you won’t need to include all the Standard for the drivers. Criteria for which will become self evident.

Want an even easier solution?

If you just don’t have the capacity to compile your own policies and procedures then fret not. I have written both Operator and Driver template handbooks which follow the FORS standard. These tried and tested documents never fail to impress the auditors and I have a 100% pass rate for helping Operators acheive their FORS audit. For more information and to purchase please visit my shop.

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