Hiremech pass FORS Bronze audit renewal

Congratulations to Hiremech who pass their FORS Bronze audit renewal

We are very pleased to announce forklift hire aces, Hiremech pass FORS Bronze audit renewal this month! Although Hiremech passed their initial audit last year, the company has remained focused on improving their transport systems. The review process for the transport department has been ongoing which made preparing for re-application a smooth and easy process.

A few words from Brian at Hiremech….

“Nick is our transport consultant at Hiremech Ltd and has been working with us over the last 2 years. He provides ongoing advice on how to best maintain and improve our transport department. We are a successful Caterpillar forklift dealership based in North London, and with Nicks help and support, I believe year on year we have made massive strides in improving our transport department. On behalf of Hiremech Ltd I would like to thank Nick for helping us to ensure we passed our FORS bronze audit for another year! I will be working with Nick in the future, to help keep our transport fleet safe legal, and efficient.”

Thank you for your kind words Brian, a pleasure working with you and the Hiremech team.

If you need any advice or FORS help, then just get in touch. We’re here to share the knowledge!

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