eLearning module 'Pedestrian Safe'

FORS Safety eLearning module ‘Pedestrian Safe’

The team at TM Consultant take the latest FORS Safety eLearning module ‘Pedestrian Safe’ for a spin to see what it’s all about.

This FORS safety eLearning module is called Pedestrian Safe. The course looks at all vulnerable road users, who they are, where they may be most vulnerable, road conditions which make pedestrians more vulnerable & how a driver of a commercial vehicle can reduce the chances of an incident with a vulnerable road user. The course split into several sections and includes spoken text, video & Q&A.

First impressions

We are always impressed with the free to use eLearning content that FORS produce & again this module is no exception. The course is easy to use, clear to understand and is visually pleasant.

Who is the course aimed at?

The FORS eLearning module is called ‘Pedestrian Safe’ course is available to anyone with a FORS eLearning account, but it is predominantly aimed at drivers. The course falls under the Safety eLearning section & like the other safety eLearning modules (cycle safety, Bridge smart, etc) the module is valid of one year once passed. the module can be taken to evidence the required driver training in D4 of your Bronze FORS accreditation and offers a great alternative for your drivers if they have already completed numerous eLearning modules.

What we liked about the FORS eLearning module is called ‘Pedestrian Safe’.

We loved how easy the course is to navigate, the user interaction is engaging enough so that you must pay attention, but it’s not too taxing! The animations are clear and really get the message across. The course is split into six quick-fire short sections so the average candidate should take around 20mins to complete the course.

The statistics are thought-provoking, it doesn’t matter how much you think you know it is still shocking to hear facts regarding the sheer number of incidents and deaths involving pedestrians on UK roads. The information in this training course is taken directly from the .Gov UK statistics and some of the more poignant facts we’ve listed below.

‘In 2018 22,397 pedestrians were involved in incidents with vehicles on UK roads.’

‘From 2017 – 2018 the number of pedestrian road deaths involving young people increased by 34%.’

The facts and statistics are delivered in a way that really makes you think about them rather than feeling you’re being lectured.

The section that talks about driver distractions, we enjoyed this section as it shows a driver’s cab, full of day to day items and tech. You click on the clutter/tech and the voice-over explains the potential distraction this item poses to the driver. As you go through this section, the items are removed to reveal a mother and child in the distance that you could not see previously. This is a very strong message and highlights why a clear windscreen is so important.

What next?

As an operator, we recommend adding this course into your Training Matrix/PDP for the coming year. Don’t have a training matrix or PDP? Don’t worry! You can purchase our Master Spreadsheet from our shop which includes this and much more!

Need help with FORS?

TMconsultant offer a no-fuss, easy and affordable FORS Help solution to help you attain your FORS Bronze accreditation. For more information get in touch!

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