FORS Bronze Manager Training D4

FORS Bronze Manager Training D4, are you ready?

FORS Bronze manager training D4 has changed. We are nearly 11 months in from the implementation of the new FORS Bronze standard version 5. When version 5 was introduced in January 2019, an addition to D4 was added to ensure transport managers and/or Directors, listed on the company’s Operator License undertake approved refresher training every five years*. Since January this year, organisations were able to pass D4 if they could demonstrate training was planned to be completed prior to the 1st January 2020 and the company PDP/training matrix was populated. If an organisation was unable to evidence a completed or planned approved course at the time of audit, it would have resulted in a major action point against D4. This rule still applies if your renewal date is on or before 31 December 2019.

New Rule

However, now if your Bronze renewal date is after the 1st January 2020, the approved FORS Bronze manager training must have been completed prior to your audit date, not just planned! Organisations have several methods of obtaining approved training, I have provided a list below of options. We urge you not to leave this until the last minute, get your course booked in early to overt a potential major action point occurring at your next audit!

Preferred courses for FORS Bronze manager training

  • Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence (obtained within the 5 year prior to audit)
  • FORS Professional Fleet Management Essentials
  • FORS approved training manager courses on fleet management
  • Transport managers CPC refresher
  • OLAT (Operator License Awareness Training) courses – approved companies can be found here on the FORS website, under Fleet Management training.

Or FORS will accept….

Operator licence awareness courses delivered by professional bodies that are referenced in the Senior Traffic Commissioner’s Statutory Documents 1 and 3 which are automatically approved by FORS.

Professional bodies:

* Please note if your organisation holds an Operator license, neither eLearning nor FORS Practitioner will cover this requirement. For organisations who do not hold an Operator License, then working towards FORS Practitioner or obtaining FORS Practitioner qualification will meet the requirement of D4. Any two workshops from 1/2/3/4/5/6 will suffice.

If you need any advice regarding FORS Bronze manager training or obtaining your FORS Bronze or Silver then please do get in touch. Here to share the knowledge!

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