What is FORS Bronze?

FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) Bronze is the initial accreditation of three, Bronze, Silver and Gold, that confirms you employ good company practice and comply with the requirements laid out by the FORS Standard. This includes demonstrating dedication to driver and vehicle safety, combined with improving operating practices through effective monitoring of fuel and tyre usage.

What are the benefits of gaining the FORS Bronze accreditation?

There are many benefits to gaining your FORS Accreditation, whether you are a CEO, a Transport Manager or Driver. FORS Bronze encompasses all aspects of safety, efficiency, and environmental protection by encouraging and training you and your drivers, as a fleet operator to measure, monitor, and improve performance. FORS Accreditations are recognised nationwide and sets a standard for your company.

FORS Bronze will ensure your company and transport policies are all in place, helping you improve operations. It will help you win new clients, improve customer loyalty, and retain and attract the best talent/workforce.

Why should I use TMconsultant’s services?

We really enjoy what we do. We love helping our customers successfully achieve their FORS accreditations. Our team consultants are always on hand to assist you on your FORS journey. They are either FORS auditors themselves or hold the FORS practitioner certificate. We all have many years of FORS and compliance experience, so you can be rest assured you’re in safe hands!

How can TMconsultant help?

We provide FORS Bronze Help Packages to help you gain your FORS Bronze accreditation. They come in Microsoft Word and Excel formats, simply laid out and really easy to use. They include everything you need including template policies, procedures, risk assessments, a helpful to-do list/status and useful tools to give you get a head start on your FORS accreditation journey.

How do I purchase FORS Bronze Help?

Simply choose your option below and you will be taken to the shop cart. Make your purchase, download the package documents. If you have purchased the support package, just get in touch should you have any questions.