How to become a Driver CPC trainer

How to become a Driver CPC trainer

How to become a Driver CPC trainer

In this post under Driver CPC training, we’ll look at how to become a Driver CPC trainer, analysing the different routes you can take to become a Driver CPC trainer. If you’re already working in the transport industry then it might be easier than you think!

Are you qualified?

So how to become a Driver CPC trainer? The first thing you need to do is assess your current status, essentially are you qualified and what is your experience?

To become a Driver CPC training instructor, you will need to be suitably qualified within the subject matter you would like to teach and have the relevant skills and experience. So, if you’re a qualified Transport Manager or an experienced HGV driver for example, then it’s likely you already possess most of those skills and experience needed.

The other skill/experience/qualification you’ll need is for the teaching itself. If you don’t have any (or limited) teaching experience, then you should consider taking a ‘train the trainer course’. This is usually a 5 day course which will provide you with all the information and training you’ll need to teach Driver CPC training. There’s plenty of train the trainer courses out there, just Google it or have a butchers at the RHA’s course here. It’s worth noting the RHA are ridiculously expensive but it is a very comprehensive course, I took it myself!

Once you’re qualified then you’re ready to go to the next stage. There are a few routes you can take depending on your circumstances. Depending on whether you want to deliver in-house training, you’re a freelancer, a bolt on to your existing business or start up a new business.

Route 1. Applying for a Driver CPC trainer job

Most training centres will only employ you part-time on a ad hoc basis. So essentially you’ll be a freelancer, but you never know there may be some full-time positions out there. I’m not going to teach you to suck eggs when it comes to applying for a job as I’m sure you’re well versed in this area. Just make sure your CV is up to date and well written. I might write a ‘how to write a winning CV and covering letter’ at some point but we’ll save that for another time. A great way to earn a decent living from Driver CPC training is to tout yourself to various centres AND set yourself up under an already existing Driver CPC Consortium leader…….

Route 2. Join a Driver CPC Consortium

Joining a Driver CPC Consortium is an awesome way to become a driver CPC trainer and run your own business at the same time! It’s a great alternative to setting up a Driver CPC training centre in your own right, (see below). Consortium leaders are fully-fledged Driver CPC training centres themselves, but they also have the authority to manage Consortium members under their umbrella. It’s essentially a cost-effective and hassle-free way to set up your own Driver CPC training business.

Many freelancers and in-house transport managers do it this way and join a driver CPC consortium. It’s pretty much the same as setting up a driver CPC training centre but without the hassle and the high costs. There are a few Driver CPC consortium leaders out there but of course, I’m going to promote my own driver CPC training consortium! For more info and how to apply go here. The remaining option is to set up your own Driver CPC training centre……

Route 3. Set up a Driver CPC training Centre

You’ll need to go through a company called the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training or JAUPT for short. JAUPT supply the provision for applications and quality assurance of centres and courses delivering periodic training on behalf of the DVSA in Great Britain and the DVA in Northern Ireland. You’ll need to apply to open a training centre and apply for the courses you want to deliver. One of the most difficult aspects of this is writing the scheme of control. This is a document which covers all the policies and procedures which you’ll need to run your centre. If you need help with this then please do let me know as I am well versed with writing said documents. However, I also offer a JAUPT SoC template, along with other policy templates which are available in my shop.

Regarding the actual Driver CPC courses, (the construction of which is a lengthy process), takes time and effort to get right. I’ll cover ‘how to write a great driver CPC course’ in a later post. However, you can also purchase ready-made Driver CPC course presentations and make them your own. The costs vary and some suppliers prices are way over the top! Shameless plug for my own Driver CPC courses (presentations) for sale here!

The main point here though is, if you feel teaching periodic Driver CPC is for you and you work in transport, so anything from taxi drivers to HGV/LGV drivers to Transport Managers then the chances are you’re perfect for teaching Driver CPC training!

I hope you found my how to become a Driver CPC trainer post useful. If you need any advice or further information please do get in touch. We’re here to share the knowledge!

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